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“U DUŠI ME GUŠI 1987-2017” delighted Montenegrin audience

In the Cultural Center Danilovgrad, as part of the opening of the III Green Montenegro International Film Festival, NGO "Da živi selo" in cooperation with the organizers of the festival (Danilovgrad Center for Culture and NGO Center for Multimedia Production-CEZAM) organized an exhibition of cartoons with an ecological theme "U DUŠI ME GUŠI 1987-2017 … ", pljevaljskih autora Iva i Igora Ševčenka.

The exhibition was very visited, with a lot of famous faces (actors, singers, diplomats). The theme of the cartoon is a low-carbon struggle for a cleaner environment with an emphasis on Pljevlja. Such an event was held 30 years ago (1987) when the exhibition of the caricature of Pljevaljski caricaturist Iva Shevchenko, entitled "In my soul is dying", was presented. and after 30 years (2017) of his son Igor, he is "choking" the same issues, and this is why this event is dedicated to former and current rebels to devastating the living space in which they live, but also to decision-makers who for 30 years have not succeeded in changing anything. It is still a priority to use resources to the detriment of living space.

Marija Čolpa, Master of Dramaturgy, Drama Writer and Set Designer, opening the exhibition, said:

"It's no coincidence that this show is at a single film festival, because if you look with care these works lead you to the next frame, so in the next, there is a similarity to the film. I will ask you to carefully look at these cartoons, because they are not as clear on some of the exhibits, their authors have created for years and they are a kind of catharsis."


Source: PV portal