Green Montenegro International Film Fest (GMIFF) was held for five years in one of the most beautiful natural areas in Europe, in the Durmitor National Park, every year traditionally at the end of July or beginning of August, next to the Black Lake (UNESCO World Heritage List, 1980). According to the decision of the Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro, screenings of films at the GMIFF next to the Black Lake were prohibited, according to which the Festival Directorate made a decision to hold the festival in 2023 on the Main Town Square in Žabljak.

In addition to screenings of feature and documentary films from all over the world on the topic of environment and biodiversity, sustainable development and green economy, the festival also organizes concerts, panel discussions, rafting, cycling, hiking and kayaking tours, DJ parties, etc.

The festival was founded in 2015 and over the years has become the center of ecological identity of Montenegro.

The duration of the festival is 3-5 evenings, outdoors, during the night, in a pine forest, by the lake, under the starry peak of Durmitor.

The festival is educational, non-commercial and competitive. Admission is free.

GMIFF found itself on the international list of environmental events “Green Film Network” and thus positioned itself among the 40 best environmental festivals in the world.

On average, the festival has 50 films a year in the program, while the same views from 600 to 900.

The festival is the initiator of concrete actions in the field of affirmation of natural beauties and resources of our country.

As part of the festival, 1000 trees were planted in the Durmitor National Park in parts affected by fires in the years behind us.

The film program is divided into 3 categories: Ecology; Ecology of the soul; Promotional tourist films.

In addition to the recognition for the second and third place in the mentioned categories, the Grand Prix for the best achievement at the festival is also awarded.

The jury of the festival is composed of domestic and foreign experts in the field of cinematography and ecology.

The goals of Green Montenegro International Film Fest (GMIFF) are:

  • Developing and raising the level of responsibility and knowledge about the need to protect and preserve the environment and biodiversity through film as a powerful means of conveying messages.
  • Introducing the public to the global trends in ecology and cinema to which Montenegro aspires.
  • Shaping further directions of development of culture, education and social activism in order to protect the environment. All important decisions in the interest of GMIFF are made by the Festival Council, which has had its 13th session so far.

All important decisions in the interest of GMIFF are made by the Festival Council, which has had its 13th session so far.

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