Five friends from a small Montenegrin town in their late twenties are trying to save their friendship despite being separated by kilometers.  Over the course of one year, as a series of events lead them to life’s turning points, they realize that their youth is coming to an abrupt end. After winter, each of them must build a new world for themselves.

Directed by: Ivan Bakrač

Produced by: Ivan Đurović, Snežana Nikčević

Country of origin: Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia

Year of production: 2021.

Duration: 101 min

Ivan Bakrač

Ivan Bakrač was born in Nikšić ( 1987). He received his Masters degree in Film Directing at the Faculty of Arts and Design in Belgrade. He directed and wrote scripts for films that participated in numerous international festivals and won awards. He is a participant in various programs such as Berlinale Talents, Talents Sarajevo and Zurich FF Academi. He also works as a festival selector. His debut feature film Poslije zime premiered at the international film festival in Karlovy Vary. Films: Ratovi (2013, medium length); Koža će nam postati siva (2014, short); Maleš (2016, short), Poslije zime (2021, feature).

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