Water is the essence of all life. It drew the Earth and the history of mankind. But it can become a danger, when men want to control its flow. And it can even become poisonous when they reject mercury, arsenic into it … The rivers of Bolivia – the veins of the heart of South America – are turning black, red and even disappearing. Community members and specialists warn about these realities.

Directed by: Julia Blagny

Produced by: Julia Blagny

Country of origin: France

Year of production: 2021.

Duration: 52 min


Julia Blagny

Making documentaries is my way to learn about and interact with our incredible world. I love to share environmental themes, show acts of solidarities that are effective all around the world and work with music and dance. I train young people in audiovisual techniques and it is a great pleasure to see some enthusiasts in their turn.

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