An investigation that shows the terrible consequences of the production and use of fluoride. From the mines of Silius in Sardinia, where the mineral is extracted, we set out on a journey that touches the numerous realities involved such as the Veneto and the Derbyshire national park in England. Realities involved in the extraction, processing and various industrial productions that suffer the consequences in everyday life. Environmental, food and beverage monitoring by institutions and private companies. The different reactions of public opinion to the awareness of the state of things.

Directed by: Massimiliano Mazzotta

Produced by: Massimiliano Mazzotta

Country of origin: Italy

Year of production: 2022.

Duration: 74 min


Massimiliano Mazzotta

Self-taught, since the age of 16 he has worked with established photographers in the field of fashion and advertising. With Oil, his first feature film, he won the award for best Italian documentary and the special mention of Legambiente at CinemAmbiente 2009. With Oil Massimiliano Mazzotta suffered two complaints from the Moratti family, with which he was warned against projecting the film. However, warnings were resolved in nothing, since the Privacy Authority defined the film as a "national interest". Since 2014 artistic director of LIFE AFTER OIL International Film Festival.

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