An entire generation of filmmakers is not alive anymore, but their legacy is still there witnessing the beginning, creation, ups and downs of B&H cinema. It is known that in the time of socialist Yugoslavia, cinematography was arranged as an independent national cinematography. Unfortunately, our B&H cinematography was underdeveloped, technically insufficiently equipped and dependent on other film centers.

Directed by: Mustafa Mustafić

Produced by: Almir Đikoli, Mustafa Mustafić, Faris Dobrača

Country of origin: BiH

Year of production: 2021.

Duration: 89 min

Mustafa Mustafić

Born on 15 April 1942 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.He attended grammar school in Sarajevo and graduated from the Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Zagreb. During his high school, together with a group of film enthusiasts and lovers of the seventh art, he started the Sarajevo Cinema Club (Kino klub Sarajevo). In 1965 he became a professional member of the film workers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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