Make it Wild, based in North Yorkshire, UK, is a family business on a mission to help nature. They own land which they manage carefully to encourage biodiversity. They sell a range of eco-friendly products, tree dedications for special occasions or as a memorial and a range of animal habitat boxes. They have a carbon offsetting through tree planting scheme for businesses and individuals. They also offer yoga, reiki and other ‘wellness’ activities based in their ancient woodlands and their luxury eco-friendly on-site holiday cottage.

Directed by: George Pearton

Produced by: Blandine Rouger

Country of origin: UK

Year of production: 2021.

Duration: 13 min


George Pearton

George Pearton is a London-based self-shooting producer-director. Starting as a camera operator with IMG's InCycle, George discovered both traveling for work and filming factual content. Since then, he has seen success directing documentaries for a variety of clients around the world, recently winning awards for his work with Volvo and Canada Goose.

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