“Pelicans have always caused the noblest feeling among humans. Their magnificent appearance has never left anyone indifferent. There is no settlement on the cost not to have at least one hotel or restaurant named after them. This fascinating bird is a main character in many fairy tales, a hero of many legends, including the one where pelican is a symbol of selfless parental love, rooted in many-centuries long belief that in times of difficulty female pelicans wound themselves so to feed their offspring with their own body, which has made them an eternally symbol of goodness, mercy and self-sacrifice.

And who are actually the curly pelicans of Lake Skadar? This is their story! “

Directed by: Saša Terzić

Produced by: Igor Maraš

Country of origin: Montenegro

Year of production: 2022.

Duration: 26 min

Saša Terzić

Saša Terzić was born on 21 November 1968 in Bijelo Polje. He graduated from TV directing at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. He has been working at RTCG since 1995. During his career, his work in the field of documentaries stands out as the most prominent. He finds inspiration in the preservation of the environment. He has won numerous awards, including Award for the best environmental film at MEFEST, Art Amfora – Bansko Bulgaria, Trento-Italy, Zlatibor-Serbia, Vrdnik and multiple awards at the Bar Festival...

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