The massive and disorderly development of wind energy is causing the death of thousands of birds. María and José Antonio, two naturalists, have decided to find out the truth. They are two Quixotes against giant windmills.

Directed by: Pablo Lozano

Produced by: Pablo Lozano

Country of origin: Spain

Year of production: 2022.

Duration: 14 min


Pablo Lozano

Pablo Lozano is documentary producer and director. He has filmed mainly feature documentaries as: Salvar al Quebrantahuesos (2022), Salvar al Bucardo (2019), Zaragoza Ciudad Sitiada (2009), Masias, la última frontera (2008), Prensa Económica en España (2008), Historias del Maestrazgo (2001). En cortometrajes ha producido y realizado Quixotes (2022), Salud mental en prisión (2017), Federico Torralba (2004)

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