SEA4FUTURE (The Mediterranean Coast and EU Macro-regional Strategies Week, Izola 2019)

The main message of this video is the importance of cooperation for spatial planning at Common Adriatic and Ionian seas, not only with the professional public, but also with the general public. Within the framework of the Week of Mediterranean Coasts and Macro Regional Strategies, Slovenia and the Municipality of Izola take the initiative to introduce the  ‘Draw the coast’ initiative as an innovative approach to the spatial planning participatory process with the wider public.  The project has been spread also among the general population that was called to participate in finding a new purpose for the ex-coastal road that was diverted into a nearby tunnel. Thus giving a good example of the bottom-up approach. The week was recognised as an important traditional event for the stakeholders including the European Commission and candidate countries for EU. All countries were equally represented in the process of exchanging experiences and joint planning  with the support of EUSAIR and Interreg ADRION.

Directed by: Milena Kuralt, RTV SLO – Regional center Koper-Capodistria

Produced by: Municipality of Izola

Country of origin: Slovenia

Year of production: 2019

Duration: 11 min

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