The Coming Silence grew from a site-based performance installation that considers the notion of extinction, whether through viral, climatic or ecological means. Inspired by the natural history museum display case and the popular Body-Worlds exhibits, the hybrid live capture /performance film ponders the false divisions humans create between themselves and the rest of the biotic world and highlights humanity’s ethical dilemmas in the Anthropocene.

Directed by: Melanie Kloetzel

Produced by: kloetzel&co.

Country of origin: Canada

Year of production: 2022.

Duration: 8 min

Melanie Kloetzel

Melanie Kloetzel is a performance maker, scholar and educator who is committed to research that spans stage, site, and screen. Director of the dance theater company kloetzel&co., and co-director of the art intervention collective TRAction, Kloetzel has developed events and encounters in theatre spaces, alternative venues, spaces of public assembly, and online environments across four continents. Films by Kloetzel have garnered numerous awards worldwide.

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