Three characters are about to have the best time of their lives … until a strange phenomenon appears to interrupt everything.

Directed by: Kevin Iglesias Rodríguez, Pedro Rivero

Produced by: Kevin Iglesias, Pedro Rivero, David Pedrosa, Diego Urruchi, David Pérez Sañudo

Country of origin: Spain

Year of production: 2022.

Duration: 11 min


Kevin Iglesias Rodríguez, Pedro Rivero

Pedro Rivero, nominated for the Goya for Best Screenplay for "El Hoyo", winner of the Goya for Best Animated Feature Film for "Psiconautas", and the Goya for Best Short Film for "Birdboy". Director of «La crisis carnívora», first feature in flash. Kevin Iglesias, producer of the feature film “La Noche del Virgen”, with 17 international awards, sold in more than 12 countries. He directs the short films «Balance» or «Per un pugno di Azioni», and produces short films such as «Au Pair» or «Lanbroa». Scriptwriter and producer of «Carnívoro» (selected in Sitges or Clermont-Ferrand).

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