Since the times of the ancient Greeks, beehives get carried, shipped, and trucked to different regions to tap new resources for the bees and harvest special sorts of honey. From the flatlands of Austria to the mountains of Southern France, the filmmakers come along with two of these “nomadic beekeepers”, trying to catch some ethnographic impressions of their everyday lives and cultural practices behind this specific type of beekeeping.

Directed by: Greca N. Meloni & Max Leimstättner

Produced by: Max Leimstättner

Country of origin: Austria

Year of production: 2022.

Duration: 40 min


Greca N. Meloni & Max Leimstättner

GRECA N. MELONI was born in a beekeeper's family in Sardinia (Italy). After finishing her master's in art history at the University of Cagliari, she started a Ph.D. project about beekeeping in Sardinia. The video camera is a constant companion of her ethnographic fieldwork approach - also the making of ethnographic movies from this footage. In Vienna, she met MAX LEIMSTÄTTNER who graduated from the Department of European Ethnology at the University of Vienna. Max is working in the TV industry as a sound engineer and is doing ethnographic documentary films on his own. As a teenager, Max also did beekeeping as a hobby.

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