The thread is red like the wild side of life, movement, fire, blood, heat, emotion. The thread is life. Ariadne’s thread is used to describe the resolution of a problem, a guide, it is a line in space and a complex tangle, it weaves a fate and sews up grievances, creates ties and severs them. We weave the fabric between the trees and move in the woodland environment in a relationship in resonance with our life, nature and everything we cross. We realized that, as Ailton Krenak says, it is not us and the land, we are the land.

Directed by: Ruchita

Produced by: Ruchita

Country of origin: Brazil

Year of production: 2021.

Duration: 6 min


Ruchita (Curitiba, 1979 / Lives and Works in Florianópolis, Brazil). Multimedia visual artist focused on the intersection of photography, installation, video and performance art, Ruchita holds a degree in Communications from the International Fine Arts College in Miami (2001-2005). Between 2001 and 2007, while residing in Miami, she worked as an assistant for the photographer Nick Garcia and the creative office Clear Channel, handling musical production projects.

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