Wild rivers: Our endless treasure

Rivers are the Mother of our planet. They take care of us, feed us, refresh us, and provide stability and balance of our environment. However, these and many other services provided by them remain invisible. Film on wild rivers is the result of our wish to demonstrate how important the rivers are for us and how much as a species we are inextricably linked with them. The video footage of the most beautiful Montenegrin rivers demonstrate how rich we actually are, whereby our country is home to some of the rarest wild and free rivers in Europe. Ultimately, we want to prove, once again, that the preserved nature is our most valuable asset. The film is made with the project: Natura 2000 Habitat Mapping of high priority for protecting the Montenegrin nature, financially supported by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, supervised by BfN and UBA.

Directed by: DOK Produkcija

Produced by: Crnogorsko društvo ekologa

Country of origin: Montenegro

Year of production: 2022.

Duration: 4 min

As of 2012, the Montenegrin Ecologists Society (CDE) offers efficient and effective models in the field of preserving and advancing nature. CDE is particularly focused on exploring the biodiversity of Montenegro and working on human-nature connectedness.

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