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Felix Dierich / Germany / 2018

One year through the distant eyes of meteorological satellite Himawari-8 – a hypnotic stream of Earth’s beauty, fragility and disasters.         Imagery created and animated by the filmmaker based on scientific observation data: Irradiation scans by the meteorological satellite Himawari-8 (visible light bands 1 to 3 for daytime, infrared band 14 for nighttime). Numerical measurement data provided by JMA / BoM / NCI.

Goran Marković / Serbia / 2019

The story follows the famous actor Dougie who suddenly falls ill and while in hospital, with the help of psychodrama, sets out to search for his own identity.


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Wim Wenders , Juliano Ribeiro Salgado / France, Brazil, Italy / 2014

In the last 40 years, photographer Sebastiao Salgado has travelled the continents following the path which lead to changing human history.  He witnessed important events in our history – internationall conflicts, hunger, and exodus. He undertakes exploring unspoiled territories of wild flora and fauna, captivating landscapes – which was a part of this grand photographic project, the homage to the beauty of the Earth.

The life and work of photographer Sebastião Salgado, who has spent forty years documenting deprived societies in hidden corners of the world.

Dragan Gmizić / Serbia / 2018

With the intention to research the extent and the negative consequences of mass production of small hydroelectric power plants, Irma Popović Dujmović, a WWF Adria activist, visits the countries of ex-Yugoslavia. Along the way, Irma documents and shows the ways in which the regional plan of mass production of small hydroelectric power plants has created numerous new problems instead of solving them.

Çağatay Çelikbaş / Turkey / 2017

The documentary is based on the life at Kazdağı (Mount Ida) well known with its high oxygen and its medicinal herbs. Speakers talk about the beauty of the life in nature with the animals and the value of the plants. They live far from the artificial daily lifestyles of our time. Barter shopping in exchange with olive oil within traditional terms and natural choices is the basis of their life. Everything in this village is healthy and natural. The documentary shows different people with their stories underlining the importance to adopt oneself to nature even when struggling with it.

Patrick Chadwick / UK / 2018

The strongest typhoon ever recorded in human history hits the Philippines in 2013 creating a national catastrophe. Meanwhile, the world’s governments are gathered in Warsaw for the UN climate conference, and Yeb Saño delivers his powerful and emotional speech, calling for an end to climate madness. Two years later Yeb leaves his position as chief climate negotiator for the Philippines, and begins his work of linking people across the globe by participating in a multi-faith pilgrimage. This film follows Yeb and his fellow climate pilgrims on their journey on foot through Europe, as they connect with local people, and we see how walking can be a peaceful form of protest. The pilgrimage ends in Paris, where the UN climate conference is taking place. The pilgrims stay with locals and continue their work of uniting with others, and calling for a better future. The film is a meditative reflection on the power of human connection, and through the film we witness how communities and people of faith are responding to this crisis.

Andrea Trivero / Burkina Faso / 2018

Daniel Balima is a senior horticulturist from Tenkodogo, a small Sub-Saharan African town in Burkina Faso, where he lives with his large family and has worked since he was born 67 years ago.  Daniel as a child falls ill with polio and, although growing without the use of his legs, he is able to follow his father in the family nursery, walking on his hands.

Mladen Vujović / Montenegro / 2019

For a while now Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, has been a centre for badly mixed opiates; lethal combos of drugs which young people are hit by in greater numbers every day. This problem is far from covered by state institutions, and NGOs active on this field have their hands tied. For example, whilst there is an urgent need for the basic tools for preventing or reversing overdose, giving antidotes like naloxone to the people who use and inject drugs is forbidden, except in the State Hospital. Currently, we advocate for naloxone availability and overdose statistics while we fight against outdated laws.

Maria Almeida

Daniel Balima je viši inžinjer za hortikulturu iz Tenkodoga, supsaharskog Afričkog gradića u Burkina Fasu, gdje živi sa velikom porodicom i radi od rođenja 67 godina. Kao mali je obolio od dječije paralize i, iako nije mogao više da koristi noge, uspio je da prati oca u porodični plastenik hodajući na rukama.


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The literary portrait of two exquisite creators with respectable writers, in part people of aestheticism and poetics.

Kratki promotivni filmovi.

Andro Martinović / Montenegro / 2018

Three stories about a father and a son in three time periods: the end of World War II, during the fall of Berlin Wall and after the breakdown of Yugoslavia.

In each of these stories, the father and son find themselves in characteristic, borderline situations, in which they begin to reexamine their own existence. 

Decisions they are forced to make will change their lives forever.

Gjorce Stavreski / Republic of North Macedonia / 2017

An underpaid train mechanic gives his father a cake made of stolen marijuana to relieve his cancer pain, but he is cornered by the criminals who are searching for their drugs and the nosy neighbors who want a recipe for the “healing” cake.

Branko Gogić / Montenegro / 2019

Film about fishkill in river Cehotina.


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Thomas Grand, Moussa Diop / Senegal / 2018

The Casamance region in the South of Senegal is one of the last area of traditional fishing in West Africa. Facing the growing menace of industrial fishing companies and overcoming very harsh working conditions, the fishermen of Casamance contribute to the food supply (ou food safety) of many African countries.  But for how long?

Benedikt Erlingsson / Iceland / 2018

Halla declares a one-woman-war on the aluminium industry. She is prepared to risk everything to protect the pristine Icelandic Highlands she loves… Until an orphan unexpectedly enters her life.