Green Montenegro International Film Fest (GMIFF) is a film festival on the topic of environmental protection, which has been held regularly since 2015, making it recognized as the center of ecological identity of the state of Montenegro.

The VIII edition of the festival will take place from 4th to 6th of August 2022, in one of the most beautiful natural sites in Europe (UNESCO World Heritage List, 1980), Durmitor National Park, right next to the Black Lake.

The festival, in addition to screenings of films from around the world, also includes concerts, conferences, lectures, exhibitions, rafting tours, hiking, cycling tours, kayaking lakes, etc.

The goal of the festival is to develop and raise the level of responsibility and knowledge about the need to protect and preserve the environment by getting acquainted with the global trends of ecology and cinematography to which Montenegro aspires. We are proud to state out that GMIFF has positioned itself on the map of environmental film festivals “Green Film Network“, among the 40 best in the world.

The organizers of the festival are the Center for Multimedia Production ( and the Municipality of Žabljak, as the host. The festival was continuously supported by the Government of Montenegro, through the ministries responsible for ecology, culture, agriculture, education, the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the National Parks in Montenegro.

Last year’s edition of GMIFF was opened by director Branko Baletić, the previous year by former President of the Parliament of Montenegro Aleksa Bečić, while other previous editions were opened by former President of the Parliament Ivan Brajović, head of the UN system in Montenegro Fiona McCluney, Prince Nikola Petrović and other notable names from around the world in sphere of ecology, film, public life, etc.

We are honored to point out that our festival in its previous editions had the opportunity to host important names in the field of art, culture and ecology not only from Montenegro and the region, but also from many European and world-wide countries such as Italy, Switzerland, South Korea, Germany, France and many others.

The festival is of an educational, non-commercial and competitive nature, divided into four categories: 1. Ecology, 2. Ecology of the soul, which are of a competitive nature, and 3. Promotional tourist films and 4. Student films, which are part of the non-competition program.

The student category exists since last year’s (VII) edition of the festival and was created as a need to provide opportunities and support to young Montenegrin filmmakers in their first professional steps.

The jury awards:

  • Third, second and first prize in the “Ecology of the Soul” category.
  • Then the third, second prize and the Grand Prix for the best performance at the festival in the “Ecology” category.

At this year’s edition of GMIFF the audience will be able to see 65 films from Austria, Germany, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia, Italy, USA, Iran, Serbia, Portugal, Belgium, Turkey, Mexico, Poland, Brazil, France, Slovenia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The jury of the VIII edition of GMIFF is composed of professionals from the field of cinematography: Director Andro Martinović (Montenegro), director and director of photography Mustafa Mustafić (BiH), producer and director Dong Hee Chun (South Korea).

The selector of this year’s edition of the festival is director and environmental activist Daniel Pavlić (Croatia).

Festival Directorate


festival director

Blagota Marunović

Festival executive producer

Stela Mišković

Festival Art Director

Slobodan Marunović

festival producer

Ilija Zeković

Festival selector

Daniel Pavlić

festival online marketing

Andrea Zorec

Graphic designer

Dragana Koprivica

Web Developer

Svetlana Jovanović

Festival Jury

Andro Martinović

Mustafa Mustafić

Dong Hee Chun

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