Green Montenegro International Film Fest (GMIFF) is the only film festival in Montenegro on the topic of environmental protection that has been held regularly since 2015, thus becoming recognized as the center of the ecological identity of the state of Montenegro. 

The 9th edition of the Festival will be held on the main town square in Žabljak, from July 29 to 31, 2023. As part of the festival, in addition to screenings of films from all over the world, lectures, conferences,
exhibitions, rafting tours, planning, bicycle tours, kayaking on lakes, etc. will be held.

In a time of global crisis that painfully reminds us again and again of the interdependence of man and nature, the Festival permanently tries to bring back into focus the issue of the relationship between man and man, our collective relationship to natural and urban resources as common goods, and our relationship to nature and climate change as a key problem of modern times. 

The goal of the festival is to develop and raise the level of responsibility and knowledge about the need to protect and preserve the environment through familiarization with the global trends of ecology and cinematography towards which Montenegro strives. We are proud to point out that GMIFF has positioned itself within the “Green Film Network”, among the 40 most renowned film festivals in the world on the
topic of ecology and environmental protection.

The organizers of the festival are the NGO Center for Multimedia Production and LLC Cezam Production ( The festival has the support of the relevant ministries of ecology and culture, the Montenegrin Film Center, and other important partners and friends of the festival.

The festival will be opened by the German Oscar winner Peter (Pepe) Danquart (Oscar for the film “The Black Rider”, 1994), who, in addition to the screening of the aforementioned film, will also hold a Masterclass on the topic “Cinematography in the function of ecology”. 

Last year’s edition of GMIFF was opened by the director of KotorArt Don Branko’s days of music Ratimir Martinović, the year before by the director Branko Baletić, and years ago by former presidents of the Parliament of Montenegro Aleksa Bečić and Ivan Brajović, former head of the UN system in Montenegro Fiona McCluney, Prince Nikola Petrović and other important names from the world of ecology, film, public life, etc.

We are honored to point out that in its previous editions, our festival had the opportunity to host important names in the fields of art, culture and ecology not only from Montenegro and the region, but also from many European and world countries such as Italy, Switzerland, South Korea, Germany, Spain, France and others.

The festival is educational, non-commercial and competitive in nature, divided into four categories: 1. Ecology, 2. Ecology of the soul, 3. Promotional-tourist films and 4. Student films. GMIFF belongs to the category of those manifestations that represent an important segment in the implementation of the idea of an ecological state, which was outlined in the Constitution of Montenegro, with the adoption of the
Declaration in Žabljak 32 years ago. 

At this year’s edition of GMIFF, 40 films from 35 countries will be shown.

The selector of this year’s edition of the festival is the Montenegrin director, multimedia artist and producer Aleksandar Vujović.

Jury members of the IX edition of GMIFF: Heinz Hermanns (Germany), Nina Mazur (Ukraine), Dragan Hajduković (Montenegro), Vuk Iković (Montenegro) and Mentor Zymberaj (Kosovo).

Festival Directorate


festival director

Blagota Marunović


Aleksandar Vujović

Festival Art Director

Slobodan Marunović

festival producer

Vukosava Tomović


Bojana Moškov


Vanja Vukčević

festival online marketing

Andrea Zorec

Graphic designer

Milena Damjanović

Web Developer

Milka Stanišić


Anđela Marunović


Milo Perović

Festival Jury

Heinz Hermanns

Mentor Zymberaj

Dragan Hajduković

Andro Martinović

Mustafa Mustafić

Dong Hee Chun

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